The Author’s Thoughts

The Author’s Thoughts . . .

This series is not rated PG!

This series includes dialogue regarding sexuality and societal topics. If you’ve already read it you’re nodding your head in agreement. If not, be forewarned. The topics herein do not mean I condone these actions or beliefs. Some of the contents reflect very real occurrences—people are imperfect, truth is often stranger and darker than fiction.

I thank you, dear reader, for investing the time to read my debuting novel and traveling the journey within the paragraphs. My appreciation is too deeply felt to fully express with the ink printed on this page.
Aspects of this story actually began in my college years, like eons ago! Then my imagination contemplated the sad loss of vivid colors to create a world resembling old-time sepia-colored photographs. I wondered how an artist thrown into such an environment might cope. Imagine being in a desert of monotonous tan-colored sand without culmination—dune after dune of beige. Would the environs appear amazing or become maddening?

About my choice of characters: Are my characters flawed? Absolutely.
But then who isn’t?
They are far from perfect individuals with both strengths and weaknesses. In some cases their strength actually is their weakness. Real life seldom presents us with a smooth or painless path to our destination (at least mine hasn’t). Nor are people or their beliefs alike. Thank goodness for that or life would become as boring as eating the same kibbles every day (you have seen how stir crazy hamsters get, right?).

Nevertheless, there are some personalities one would hopefully only hear about through disturbing news. Individuals we pray to never truly meet on the street or in business. It is far safer to encounter some personas through the pages of a novel. Then if the situation becomes too intense you can simply slip in a bookmark and close the book.

Ever have a relative so inept that you fear possible electrocution if he attempts to use the microwave? Yep, sounds like Todd.
How about a relative who sees him/herself in a distorted mirror of vanity? Hmmm, Cherry Ann. Do people like this exist? Absolutely, and unfortunately they make up part of the gene pool.

I fell in love with Savannah long before I wrote this book and consider it to probably be the most romantic historical town in the nation. I even managed the privilege of touring their incredible art school (SCAD) and admit I’m totally envious of those young students. The institution is amazing and an art lover’s dream-come-true for education and resources. To all the students both lucky and talented enough to attend SCAD, I offer kudos as I sit here green with envy.

As a reader, you determine my writing success. Do you feel empowered? You are, and your feedback is valuable. Amazon provides an excellent venue for voicing your comments and as an indie author I would greatly appreciate that. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising for an indie writer and I depend upon readers like you for that. So please, please, please post a review for fellow reading enthusiasts.

In fact why not tell all your friends, your undeserving ‘ex’, perhaps even odd relatives (they may even identify with a character). Maybe even your pet. Use texting, blogging, Twitter, Facebook or whatever means to express your raving endorsements (by the Goddess, please make them persuasive!). You are on your way to the computer right now, right?

My keyboard and imagination are hard at work—my fingernails are worn to the nubs as words are being rerouted from my brain to my MAC screen. If only my fingers could type faster—Whew! However, without you my story would remain unread, and all this would be for naught.

Hopefully you get/got caught up in the characters tribulations and want more because this trilogy is far from complete. The Gods and Goddesses are remorseless in challenging Thorne and Candy. Meanwhile back in Savannah . . . well be sure to read

Chroma Crossing Chronicles Book One and Two   : Blood Moon.

Followed by Book 3 Dragon Tear

Followed by Book 4 Infinity Link.

Book 5  (no title as of this time) is in the works.

You will encounter twists, turns, and answers in each book that follows. But remember, keeping you, the reader, in suspense and with speculation is part of the fun. And we do want a little fun now don’t we?

With sincerest appreciation,

S. Yurvati


"Creative writing to escape the mundane and into the world of fantasy"